Ak markings

Romanian AK Bayonets
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Ak markings

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This bayonet, without scabbard, has a peculiarity. A marking is engraved on one side of the AB 3221 blade and on the other on the opposite side, cross guard, C 568. This last marking seems to have been carried out as on Polish bayonets. Do you have an explanation?
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Re: Ak markings

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This bayonet appears to be a standard Romanian AKM 6X3 that has been reworked. Grip panels replaced, blade re-sharpened, etc.. The original numbers ground off from the left side of the crossguard. I have never seen a number hand etched on the blade ricasso. It appears to be a typical Romy style one. It could either be the original or an intended rework number. Perhaps temporary for inventory control. The number stamped on the the right side of the crossguard does not seem to me to be Romy in style or placement. My best guess is that it was sold to and numbered by another country. Very unique and interesting variation.
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